Language trip to London: The third day (28th June, 2023)

At 9:30 a.m. our most important journey began, namely to the „London Dungeon“. We were walking for about an hour to the Dungeon. On the way, Ivory simply got instant noodles out of nothing and started eating. We were near the Dungeon. Almost everyone was excited. I didn’t want to go in without Amalia, Alicja and Ivory, so I waited for them. We walked through a very dark corridor to the lobby. It was so scary. Amalia and I just walked through, Ivory refused to go through the aisle in general. We went on and suddenly there were employees at the door (through which we had to go). That wasn’t funny!!! A monk wished us the execution. He was so creepy. We continued walking through the doors. Suddenly a clown came out, but not the clown we know now, but one who used to work for the king. She explained all the rules to us. And led us on. I knew immediately that something was wrong here and I was right: We got into an elevator. The doors closed and there was no turning back. We drove down and suddenly a light came and it felt like we were flying down with the elevator. When we arrived, the bell rang (like an elevator when he arrives on the floor) as if nothing had happened. I was already terribly scared there. The doors opened and we went out. I can’t remember exactly what happened. But after that it got worse and worse. It got scarier and scarier. Every time someone (mostly one of our teachers) was selected as a victim and that person was blamed for a crime. I hoped so much that they wouldn’t choose me and thank God no one had done it either. The worst scene was in a courtroom with two cages. Witches sat in both. In the beginning, everything went well, but in the end the second witch broke out. There was still fog, creepy music, flashing light and the escaped witch screamed. I screamed out my whole soul. It was so bad. This witch also moved from place to place. To be honest, nothing scared me after that. I had nothing left to lose. The station about Jack the Ripper took place in a bar. We first listened to the waitress. After that, she somehow left briefly and then it happened… he came in person: Jack the Ripper! The last station was the free fall tower. At about 12 o’clock we all went out together. We then had 4 hours of free time. So we went to eat something in a group of six. The students could choose to do the Downtown Walk or the Riverside Walk. Moreover, some students went back to see the Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus or to the Trafalgar Square. But slowly it was about time to meet at the London Eye. We gathered and had to queue afterwards. In the London Eye, we sat in two different capsules. It was so nice and cool in the capsules. We had an amazing view of London from the top (135 metres). That was very nice. Slowly we came down again. The journey took about 1 hour. After the trip, we all went to fill up our bottles first. Finally drinking!!!! Right after that we went back to the hostel. On the way back, I spoke to my brother on the phone. Honestly, I miss my brother very much. I was very tired after that day. We finally arrived at the hostel. We all made pizza and ate together. It was very relaxed. While everyone is already in bed, I am writing about today. I hope tomorrow we will walk less. Well, it doesn’t matter, but now I’m going to sleep first. I’m looking forward to another exciting day in busy London. Good night. ~

Text by Albina 8.3

(P. Richter, L. Armbrecht and J. Gronholz)