Language trip to London: The fourth day (29th June, 2023)

Today we first went to the Science Museum. We did a lot of nonsense on the way. When we arrived at the museum, it was not so far from the hostel, we had to wait in a long queue. We went in and then were allowed to look around the museum. The following topics were displayed: Exploring space, Injecting hope exhibition (about Covid-19) and Who am I?. Amalia and I went everywhere and took a lot of photos. We looked at everything carefully. And honestly: This museum was the most interesting museum I’ve ever been in. Most of all, I liked the exhibit, with a real small piece of the moon. That was so cool! We also saw a real old steam engine. We had already discussed this type of steam engine in History on the subject of „Industrial Revolution“. Before I had only seen it in pictures in our school book. After that, Amalia, Ivory, Alicja and I visited the museum shop and bought different things. In the end, we went to the museum’s café and ate something. Our next stop was the Portobello Market in Notting Hill. We went there by a double-decker bus. In a small group, we went shopping there. The small shops and stores there were very interesting and gave us a good opportunity to shop some souvenirs for our family members. From the Portobello Market, we immediately went to Oxford Street where you could experience the most various and expensive shopping lifestyle. We laughed all the time and went shopping through a lot of shops. Slowly it was time and we gathered. From there we went to the Rock Shop. A few people bought T-shirts, sweaters or other things there. Right after, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. We were sitting at a table. That was so funny because we laughed. ALL THE TIME. I even had to cry while laughing. We had burgers and fries. And THEN there was also dessert. And that was vanilla ice cream. This ice cream was the most delicious ice cream I have ever eaten in my life. On the way back to the hostel, I was on the phone with my brother and my mom. Tomorrow I will finally see them all again. And my best friend too. In any case, we went home in the evening (it got darker). You could see the illuminated capsules of the London Eye which looked so beautiful. Now we are in the process of packing our suitcases for tomorrow. I’m so tired after all the laughter. See you tomorrow. Good night everyone!
Text by Albina 8.3
(P. Richter, L. Armbrecht and J. Gronholz)