Language trip to London: The second day (27th June, 2023)

I woke up at 6:41. I slept well, but the problem was, that it was very hot, but otherwise my sleep was very good. I was lying in bed for another 20 minutes. My friends have long since woken up. I got ready very quickly and then went downstairs for breakfast. For breakfast, there were many different types of cornflakes and toast. We all made ourselves some cornflakes and tea. After breakfast, we had a lot of free time. Ivory, Angelina and Kamila went shopping and I was still sitting in the room. At about 10:23 I went down to the common room. I had a short conference with Mrs. Richter and a boy from the other class. As you can see here, we have to keep a diary about London. And what do you think? My first report can already be found on the Luwi homepage!!!! I’m really happy about it!!!! Well, nothing exciting happened after that. At 12:30 we left for the Thames. On the way, we saw a lot of different monuments. They all looked just wonderful. I have never taken so many photos. On the way, Ivory and I talked about a lot of nonsense. We also took a lot of funny selfies. That was also one of the funniest moments. We arrived. We had to wait briefly for the ferry. When we got on the ferry, my friends took even more weird selfies and another friend (who, by the way, is sea-sick) went to sleep. The journey was very long, but in the ferry you could see for example the London Eye, the Shard, the Tower Bridge and Big Ben. If you see all this in real life, you think you are an ant. When we finally got off, we were in Greenwich. Did you know that the Thomas Tallis School really exists?! So when I found out, I was shocked because I thought the school wasn’t real. We had to climb a very high hill. That was so exhausting, because my legs hurt after the whole trip. When we arrived upstairs, we were told that we had 1 hour of free time. We had many options like visiting the Meridian, strolling in the park or organising some food. After the time was up, we went back to our meeting point called the Cutty Sark, which is a pretty old sailing ship. Then we went through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. From there we took the underground to Camden Market. There we all went shopping. Camden Market was absolutely colourful, busy, full of noise with a lot of interesting shops and stalls. All of us were really happy, tired and overwhelmed  because of the many impressions of that day. Now everyone is slowly going to sleep. Everyone is looking forward to the London Dungeon and the London Eye. But I think I’m the most excited. Why? Because I’m afraid of heights. Well, a friend of mine is also scared, so I’m not alone. See you tomorrow!

Text by Albina 8.3

(P. Richter und J. Gronholz)