Language trip to London: Our last day (30th June, 2023)

The suitcases are already packed. We had to take them down to the storage room. Mr. Schmidt helped us with this. We got ready for a visit to Buckingham Palace and a trip to the Natural History Museum. But first we visited Buckingham Palace. We took the double-decker bus there. There we watched the Changing of the Guard 💂.

I was even able to film a few moments. It was very crowded there with people from many different countries. Ivory had also taken out her instant noodles again. We sat at a large, stunning fountain which is called the Tiffany Fountain ⛲️ and watched our surroundings with interest there. After that, we took the underground to Kensington. There we had two hours to shop and buy food. We went in a group of 7 and took a close look at different food products and the lastest fashion trends. We continued to the Natural History Museum. That museum was very large. There you could discover the development of various species, earthquakes, dinosaurs 🦖 and many more regarding our planet. We were allowed to move freely in groups there and this time I was exploring the museum with Amalia, Alicja, Ivory and a friend. It was totally fun and interesting! I enjoyed the exhibition products with kind of guessing games the most. There was also a presentation of beautiful crystals. In my opinion, the most beautiful thing was an exhibited gift (a diamond studded snuffbox) from the Russian Tsar Alexander II. for Sir Roderick Murchison.

We went back to the hostel and took our suitcases. Then we immediately went to the underground and from there we had to drive 13 stops to the airport. My legs and feet hurt. It was so painful that I was ready to sit on the floor. I did that in the end. In any case, we arrived at the airport and there we had to do the check in for the suitcases at the counter. After that, we went through the hand luggage control and the passport control as well. After that, we were waiting for information about our gate for departure 🛫. This airport was huge! I had the feeling that I would get lost there. When our plane arrived, we started boarding. Group by group. The flight back was much comfortable and faster than the previous flight to London. The aircraft on the way back home was more modern.

When the plane took off, we could watch the sunset 🌅. That was beautiful.

We have landed safely. My parents were already waiting at the airport to pick me up. I’m finally home. I missed my parents and my brother so much. That was the best trip this year. And I will never forget all these moments.

I would like to thank everyone involved who made this great trip possible! 💐

Text by Albina 8.3

(P. Richter)